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Reduce Potential Fire Hazard
Reduce Electric Bills
Reduce Drying Times
Increase Dryer Life

According to the National Fire Protection Association:

  • In 2010-2014, U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated average of 15,970 home structure fires involving clothes dryers or washing machines each year.

  • These fires caused annual averages of 13 civilian deaths, 444 civilian injuries, and $238 million in direct property damage.

  • The vast majority of fires (92%) involved clothes dryers.

  • The leading items first ignited in dryer fires were dust, fiber or lint (26% of total) and clothing (26%), while items first ignited in washing machine fires were part of the appliance itself, including wire or cable insulation (26%), appliance housing or casing (24%), and drive belt (11%).

  • Dryer vent cleaning eliminates the lint build-up that causes dryer fires.

Restricted dryer vent airflow  reduces drying efficiency and effectiveness, which directly results in longer cycle run times and higher electric consumption. Dryer vent cleaning eliminates the lint build-up in the dryer vent that reduces the free area resulting in better airflow.

Clothes dryers utilize heat and airflow to remove the moisture from clothing, by converting the moisture in the clothes into water vapor that carries latent heat. The dryer's blower fan draws in cool air, the heating coils heat the air, and then passes air though the dryer drum to remove the latent heat. Without proper quantities of airflow, the amount of latent heat removed is reduced resulting in increased drying cycle times. Dryer vent cleaning removes the lint build-up in dryer vent, the airflow is increased, resulting in faster drying times.

Longer run cycles and multiple cycles to dry normal loads of clothes, due to improper vent airflow, increases the run hours of the dryer's blower fan and electric heat strips. Over time, these components will require premature replacement as a result of poor dryer vent airflow. By increasing the airflow, dryer vent cleaning prolongs the life of your dryer and reduces costly repairs.

Don't let your dryer start a fire!

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Serving Land O Lakes, Lutz, Wesley Chapel
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