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Dryer Vent Cleaning - Check the roof - Land O Lakes, FL

Vent Doctor - Dryer Vent Cleaning - Land O Lake, Lutz, Wesley Chapel, Northdale, Carrollwood, Town 'n' Country, Westchase, Tampa

There is no question that cleaning the inside of the dryer vent is important to avoid dryer fires, reduce clothes drying times, save electricity and prolong the life of your dryer. But proper dryer vent cleaning sometimes goes beyond cleaning the vertical vent. Over time, the gooseneck vent and backdraft damper at the roof accumulates lint. As the dryer blows out moist lint, the lint attaches to the edges of the gooseneck and backdraft damper. This is especially true in Florida, as families will do laundry during the rain. During the rain, the moisture in the air causes the lint to stick more. Over time, as the lint accumulates, two things happen. Firstly, the opening to the vent is blocked and the amount of airflow is reduced, which decreases the drying capacity of the dryer and prolongs drying times. Secondly, the backdraft damper flap stops moving up and down freely, and sometime becomes stuck in the closed position, not allowing proper airflow. So if your dryer is not drying clothes within one cycle, the vent duct might be clogged with lint, but also the roof gooseneck vent should also be inspected and cleaned. If your dryer is not drying within one cycle, something is not right. Contact us at Vent Doctor LLC and schedule an inspection and dryer vent cleaning. Text or call today at (813) 500-0049. We serve Land O Lakes, Lutz, Wesley Chapel, and Tampa.

Vent Doctor LLC provides dryer vent cleaning and lint removal in the Land O Lake, Lutz, Wesley Chapel and Tampa areas. You can also check out our reviews and see what people are saying about our excellence in customer service and quality workmanship at:

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